America’s heritage footwear

cowboy boots

by Lisa Sorrell

How should a cowboy boot fit?

Fit is vitally important when buying and wearing cowboy boots. Most shoes and boots allow for some degree of adjustment with lacing, buckles or elastic. This allows footwear manufacturers to get as many people as possible into their product. The cowboy boot with its pull-on construction has no accommodation for adjustments so it needs to fit correctly. See more... 

Top Ten Things I Wish Each Customer Knew

1. Each pair of boots I build is like my child--my own little creation.

2.  Yes, I occasionally misfit a client or make a pair of boots that needs adjustment. If the fit needs to be adjusted, please be kind. I’m disappointed too. It’s an inconvenience for both of us but it happens sometimes and I’ll work with you until they fit. It’s in my best interest to have you walking around in boots that make you happy. See more...

What do custom made cowboy boots cost?

    The cost of custom made cowboy boots varies widely. First, let’s define a custom boot. Another word for custom is “bespoke,” meaning made especially for a certain client. When I talk about a custom or bespoke boot I’m referring to boots made for an individual client according to their measurements and leather and design choices. I’m not referring to a factory made boot with the option of choosing the toe or heel style. See more...